– Stem cells microscope imaging

The team of the Laboratory of Biology of Stem and Neoplastic Cells, leading by professor Aleksandra Klimczak, is conducting research related to tissue regeneration and cancer biology.

Research in the field of regenerative medicine is associated with the isolation and biological characterization of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and progenitor cells residing in the tissues of an adult organism. Studies on the tissue distribution of MSCs allow to understand their biological potential for the possible clinical application of organ-specific stem cells in tissue and organ regeneration. In addition, studies are carried out on the biological activity of the MSC secretome (bioactive factors and extracellular microvesicles secreted by MSC) in regenerative processes, which will allow the use of bioactive factors produced by MSC as an equivalent method for cell therapy in tissue regeneration.

The interdisciplinary research carried out in the laboratory is based on experiments to assess the osteogenic potential of MSCs seeded on biodegradable scaffolds in order to create a bioimplant for the reconstruction of large bone defects.

Research work in the field of cancer biology is related to the isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells and the study of the mechanisms related to tumor metastasis.


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